Odd Squad: Blob Chase App


How might we introduce kids 5-8 years old to the concepts of addition, subtraction, multiplication (doubling) and division (halving) in a tactile and playful way?


App Description from PBS KIDS: "Something very odd has happened in Odd Squad, the PBS KIDS hit series. A big blue blob has escaped in headquarters – and we need your help to get it back into its container! Blob Chase makes basic math concepts fun for kids (5-8) to learn and practice. In the world of Odd Squad, blobs love nothing more than escaping from their containers. In this game, kids help to recover the blobs by using gadgets to add, subtract, halve or double passageways throughout Odd Squad headquarters."

The Blob Chase PBS KIDS tablet app was produced for The Fred Rogers Company in collaboration with Sinking Ship Entertainment.

Project Details

Client: The Fred Rogers Company

Collaborators: Sinking Ship Entertainment

Website: PBS KIDS Mobile Apps

Platforms: Mobile (iOS, Android)

Categories: Game Design, Learning Design

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