Human Toxicology: Explainer Videos


How do we explain next-generation toxicology testing, in a way that is easy for a non-scientist to understand and connect to everyday life?

Toxicology testing is a complex topic with serious implications for our everyday lives. The goal: make sure that the products we consume are safe. The Human Toxicology Consortium is advocating a shift toward the next-generation of scientific techniques that will help lower costs and improve testing quality and safety.


In collaboration with illustrator/animator Rick Pinchera, and content experts at the Humane Society, we created two shortform videos that explain why this topic is important and what we should do about it. The videos are scientifically accurate, while remaining easily digestible for an policymakers and laypeople.

Both videos can be found on the Human Toxicology Consortium website.

Project Details

Client: Humane Society of the United States / Human Toxicology Consortium

Collaborator: Rick Pinchera

Links: Human Toxicology Pathways Video Series

Platforms: Video

Categories: Original Content, Script Writing

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